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The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) completes a Project Development and Environment Study (PD&E) in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act for all projects that will receive federal funding and a State Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) for state-funded projects.  ESA Scheda professionals support all phases of transportation projects, including:
  • PD&E;
  • Design, Design-Build;
  • Construction; and
  • Maintenance.


ESA Scheda’s scientists have participated in, and developed the required documents for a wide variety of projects including intracoastal waterway bridge replacements, roadway widenings, trails, and new roadway corridors and alignments.  All levels of documentation have been provided, including Categorical Exclusions (CE), Environmental Assessment/Finding of the No Significant Impact (EA/FONSI), and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS).  The specific areas that we can provide services for include:

The specific areas that we can provide services for include:
  • Wetlands, including seagrass and hardbottom mapping
  • Wildlife and Habitat
  • Water Quality
  • Outstanding Florida Waters, Wild and Scenic Rivers, and Aquatic Preserves
  • Farmlands
  • Section 4(f)
  • Contamination
  • Bridge Project Questionnaire/USCG Navigation Evaluation


ESA Scheda’s professionals have participated in final design and permitting efforts wetlands, water quality, and protected species, and including mitigation design.  Our scientists are familiar with the provisions of Florida Statute 373.4137, which provides an alternative solution to wetland mitigation for FDOT.  


ESA Scheda routinely assists FDOT construction and maintenance teams with a variety of environmental support services, and we possess hands-on knowledge of FDOT construction procedures, standard specifications, and reporting and documentation procedures.  ESA Scheda can assist your team in the following areas:

  • Permit compliance and/or tracking of specific conditions in permits
  • Resolution of nuisance plant species and protected species issues
  • Protected species monitoring,
  • NPDES compliance
  • Landscape inspection
  • Erosion control inspection
  • Environmental SOP training for construction personnel
  • Preparation of related reports and/or submittals to regulatory agencies


Our experienced environmental staff provides clients with quality design-build options related to environmental tasks and innovative solutions when issues develop.

This expertise has been cultivated from our long history in the transportation PD&E and design fields.  ESA Scheda has a core group of in-house qualified individuals who have focused on the challenges and demands of the fast-paced design-build process to continue to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our professionals have substantial environmental experience acquired from completing a vast number of transportation projects, giving them an excellent understanding of project needs, and the ability to respond with efficient solutions.