Our Community Commitment

Environmental volunteer
Volunteer education program
Volunteers helping with habitat restoration
Volunteer Efforts
Fundraising for Children’s Programs
Environmental Research
We have always promoted community service as a part of our corporate commitment to the environment.  This began early in our corporate history with organizing hundreds of volunteers, and participating in volunteer plantings at habitat restoration projects that ESA Scheda designed.  Our efforts have expanded over the years to include:
  • removing nuisance and exotic species from natural areas
  • participating in coastal and river clean-ups
  • assisting local counties with their watch and monitoring programs during sea turtle nesting
  • participating in volunteer bird watches and counts
  • giving classroom talks on various environmental topics
Our staff members regularly plan fundraising to support environmental programs and children’s programs within our communities.  Our past fundraising efforts have included various types of activities such as:
  • Organizing charitable lunch programs within our offices
  • Silent auctions
  • Bake sales
Our scientists have completed research, or are involved in ongoing research associated with a variety of scientific topics including:
Transplanting mature wetland trees as a viable mitigation construction option
  • Surveys for and protection of the threatened Eastern indigo snake
  • Gopher tortoise (Species of Special Concern) protection in the State of Florida
  • Fire effects on the Florida Everglades ecosystem
  • Tampa Bay Freshwater Wetland Systems Change Analysis
  • Longshore Bars and Living Shorelines Effect on Natural Resources
  • Distribution and morphology of tree islands, an important ecosystem component in the Everglades